About TradeSync
TradeSync makes supply simple by automating B2B processes within and across companies.  We provide mobile apps and SaaS solutions to both customer and vendor organizations.  With TradeSync you and your business partners work better together.  Learn more…
Solutions for Vendors
TradeSync enables vendors to connect with customers like never before. Our solutions bridge the gap between your existing business software systems and the systems used by your customers.  These solutions include vendor-branded mobile apps and a web-based e-business suite.  Learn more…
Solutions for Customers
TradeSync enables customer organizations to better manage and automate interactions with their vendors.  Just as vendors have CRM solutions to manage their relationships with customers, we provide you with solutions for “Vendor Relationship Management”.  This includes the automation of requisitions & purchasing, AP invoice approvals, and collaborative customer service with your vendors.  Learn more…
Our Business Model
TradeSync is a software solutions company.  We provide our solutions on a hosted software-as-a-service basis.  We are not a marketplace and we do not charge percentage-based transaction fees.  You may register and use TradeSync free of charge, and at your option you can upgrade to our more powerful premium offerings.  We charge a mix of subscription fees and flat usage-based fees so that if you want to take advantage of our premium solutions then you only need to pay for what you actually use.  Learn more…

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  • Vendors and developers / software companies looking for technical specifications on integration with TradeSync, please contact our support team (support@tradesync.com).
  • For business partnership inquiries, please contact our business development team (info@tradesync.com).

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