TradeSync E-Business Suite

As a vendor using the TradeSync E-Business Suite you are charged usage fees based on the number of documents you transmit to customers via the application.

Everything needed to start conducting e-business with your customers:

One-Time Setup Fee: $499 (covers 810 invoice and 855 po-ack)

Trade Partner Connection Fee: $149 WAIVED

Monthly Subscription Fee : $199/mo.

Usage Fees (measured monthly):

  • 1 – 1,000 documents @ $0.45 / doc
  • 1,001 – 2,000 documents @ $0.35/doc
  • 2,001 + documents @ $0.25/doc


Your TradeSync corporate account includes:

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited customer connections
  • Includes Issue Tracker (Standard Edition) customer collaboration tool
  • Includes TradeSync Relay integration client
  • Includes in-network translation
  • Includes your company logo within customer-side of application
  • Live support

Pricing Example: A vendor transmitting 1,500 invoices during a month to customers via TradeSync would incur a charge of  $824.

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  1. Document-based usage charges are incurred only on structured transaction documents such as EDI or XML invoices / credit memos (810), PO acknowledgements (855), etc. and not on application-generated messages such as Issue Tracker notification emails.  If you have any questions, please contact your TradeSync Sales Rep.
  2. Vendors may connect via TradeSync Relay or may use their own FTP client.  TradeSync Relay is a secure integration client provided free of charge to vendors.
  3. VAN connections are no longer supported.
  4. Pricing indicated on this page is only for integration with the TradeSync application; integration to the systems of 3rd parties such as manufacturers, reps, wholesalers, etc. are covered under a separate pricing schedule.  Please contact to discuss your goals for supply chain integration and how TradeSync can help.

B2B Mobile Apps

Vendor-branded mobile apps carry a one-time setup fee and a flat monthly subscription.  The subscription is dependent on (1) the number of mobile phone platforms you want to support (e.g., Apple iPhone and/or Google Android phones) and (2) the number of business locations represented in your apps (e.g., number of store or branch locations).

Everything needed to launch your own world-class mobile app for your customers:

One-Time Setup Fee: $1,999

Mobile App Subscription : $99/mo./location
(More than 20 locations? Call for custom quote.)

  • Unlimited End Users (i.e., customers)
  • Apple iPhone (iOS) and Google Android smartphones
  • Native Apps
  • Core Modules included: Account Team, Business Locator, Order Confirmations, Customer Service, News & Updates, Line Card / Product Lines
  • Includes app design, development, publishing to app stores, maintenance, and hosting
  • Includes integration of your apps to your business software systems
  • Customized to your branding with logos, color palette, icon sets, etc.
  • Live support

Mobile App Customizations - Call for a quote: 800-548-6764 (option 1 for Sales)

  • Custom graphic design
  • Custom software engineering
  • Custom integration (e.g., to ERP/WMS systems, document imaging systems, etc.)

Pricing example: A vendor who operates 5 locations would be charged a subscription fee of $495/month (= 5 locations x $99/month).

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