Yesterday we published the Android app for our Mobile Purchasing solution. Click here to go to the Google Play app store and download it for free. You will need a TradeSync Mobile Purchasing account to use it – please contact to get a pilot account at no cost for your company.

This app is designed to work on smartphones but it also presents a really nice interface on smaller tablet devices like the Nexus 7.

The primary user of this app is a field worker who needs products purchased on their behalf and wants to know the purchasing status of products they have requisitioned. The activities of Purchasing Agents using the solution are automatically synchronized to this mobile app so the non-deskbound worker is always in-the-know on the latest activities related to the products they need.

Key features include:

  1. Get copied on every requisition that is related to you.
  2. View line item details, notes, etc. to make sure the products you need are the products being ordered.
  3. See if Purchasing has processed your needed items – including quantity ordered and from which vendor(s) – without having to call the Purchasing desk.
  4. Review PO details such as line items, quantities, order notes, etc.
  5. Verify that the vendor has confirmed receiving the PO and is working on it.
  6. See that the vendor has sent – and your Purchasing department has received – a formal order confirmation.

With TradeSync’s Mobile Purchasing app you are 100% up-to-speed on what’s going on with your orders. You don’t need to waste your time pestering co-workers asking for status updates. You are now plugged in to the latest updates, automatically, wherever you are.