Connect with customers like never before.

Electronic documents in and of themselves are not terribly useful. In fact, most of the PDF invoices you send your customers are simply printed out – adding to costs for your customer, not savings.  Every time a customer buys from you, you are putting more and more paperwork back on their desk.  There has to be a better way, here’s how:

  • Your invoices are delivered in an instant, not days
  • TradeSync provides customers with a tool that automates the approval of your invoices
  • Identify problem invoices early so they can get approved – and paid – more quickly
  • Eliminate hard costs: postage, paper, envelope, ink, and labor costs of mailing invoices
  • Eliminate wasted time: no more hunting down lost invoices

  • For your customers, most electronic invoice options are worse than paper
  • TradeSync makes e-invoices useful to your customer
  • Now you are helping make their business more competitive, not less


Electronic Document Delivery

  • Postage keeps going up! In fact, it recently increased $0.45/invoice and is set to go up yet again. Save the hard costs of paper, ink, envelopes, and postage with TradeSync e-invoices.
  • Free up staff time from preparing invoices too.
  • Any file format, you can use the EDI connector you already own or just output a simple flat file.
  • In-network translation – we take care of it – for you and for your customers.



Forge an Electronic Connection

  • When you introduce a customer to TradeSync you are providing them with a valuable tool to help their business.
  • Connect with customers in the same online workspace to solve, if not preempt, their issues.
  • Track problems and their resolution so you know you are meeting the customer’s needs.

Keep Sales Reps Selling

  • TradeSync helps you get in sync with your customers so there are fewer customer service issues (e.g., mis-priced invoices, missing PO#’s or job codes, short pays & deductions, etc.).
  • Provide better service to your accounts with less effort — happy accounts buy more and keep the competition out.
  • With customer service issues minimized, sales rep time is freed up to sell.
  • Sales reps selling = more sales. More sales = more profits and more commissions.



Integrate Once

  • Off-load the burden of managing hundreds or thousands of custom integrations — integrate once to TradeSync and we’ll take care of it from there.
  • TradeSync performs in-network translation: just give us whatever document format you have and we’ll translate it to work with TradeSync: EDI, flat file, XML, we don’t care and handle them all.
  • TradeSync takes care of all document translation issues on the customer side, so you don’t have to deal with the peculiarities of each and every customer.

Scalable Cloud-based Solution

  • Trust in knowing you are dealing with a technology savvy counter party who operates a 24 x 7 x 365 transaction network.
  • TradeSync is hosted on cloud-based infrastructure that can automatically scale to handle massive transaction load.
  • We support multiple secure file transfer mechanisms and can provide you with our TradeSync Relay integration client free of charge.
  • We have experience working with just about all of the major distributor software packages and many of the not so “major” ones. We are yet to find a package that cannot send electronic invoices or PO acknowledgements. We’re happy to work with your IT staff, consultants, VARs, and software providers to make TradeSync work for your business.


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