Your own mobile app – for use by your customers – tailored to foster business-to-business relationships.

Now vendors can put their own app in the hands of their customers.  Powered by TradeSync’s underlying B2B technology, your mobile app will be world-class and built for business.  TradeSync develops, publishes, hosts, and maintains your app so you can take care of your customer, not mobile technology.

  • Highly-responsive native apps for Apple’s iPhone and smartphones running Google’s Android operating system
  • No clunky “mobile web sites” that are slow to load and hard to use
  • Highly interactive and connected to your business systems
  • TradeSync builds only B2B applications, unlike other app developers we don’t try to shoehorn you into an app meant for consumers
  • Core modules promote closer customer relationships and superior service (see below)
  • A valuable tool for your customers – it makes doing business with you easier and more efficient
  • Your branding: logo, color scheme, icon styles, etc.
  • Your people, your product lines, your locations
  • Custom graphic design and software development available
  • Your own app, available for your customers to download from the App Stores and your website

NEW: Mobile Ordering (watch video below)


Why do B2B vendors need a mobile app?  Because your customers are already mobile.

Apps are not just for games anymore.  Your customers are increasingly mobile and it is now the expectation that if you have a website you should have a mobile app as well.

1. Smartphones are mainstream.

114 million people in the U.S. own a smartphone as of July 2012. (comScore)

56% of U.S. mobile phone subscribers use a smartphone. (Nielsen)

70% of mobile device shipments in 2012 were smartphones or tablets. (Gartner)

2. People conduct business on mobile.

$14 billion in 2012 mobile e-commerce revenue for eBay and Amazon alone. (Internet Retailer)

100% annual growth rate in mobile e-commerce. (Internet Retailer)

41% of the business workforce uses smartphones on the job. (Osterman Research)


Where does your business fit in?  We help you answer that question.

TradeSync provides you with a turn-key mobile app, built on the premier platform for B2B commerce, that connects you to customers like never before.  Core modules include:

Team Image
Account Team

connections show customers individualized attention. This “social” component of your TradeSync-powered app supports company, location, and personal profiles that connect your people to the customers they serve.

Order Confirmations

provide customers with real-time alerts on their purchases from you. TradeSync connects your app to your business system (ERP) to make mobile confirmations effortless.

Customer Service

is critical to keeping your customers happy. With TradeSync your mobile app ties into a collaborative online issue management system that speeds problems through to resolution. You can easily add Issue Tracker to your website as well.

Business Locator

helps customers find you, no matter where they are. You can now take advantage of smartphone GPS mapping and navigation to help guide your customers to your business locations.

News Alerts

provide you with a new channel to communicate important information with your customers. Push news directly to your mobile app users in a timely manner while avoiding cluttered email inboxes.

Line Cards & Product Lines

help wholesale distributors and reps complete the story about what products they carry or rep. Manufacturers can use this module to describe their product lines and capabilities.

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